Septet Plus Orchestra

Septet Plus Orchestra of Dalibor Kapras is a medium-sized dance orchestra that plays popular music hits, Latin American rhythms, jazz, swing as well as world evergreens.

The soloists of the Karel Vlach Orchestra and the Big Band Radio Prague met in it.

The orchestra is based on the instrumental mastery of players. And not only for it, many of the stars of Czech music scene cooperates alongside tribal singers.

The orchestra is invited to a large number of social events of various kinds thanks to its extensive and varied repertoire. This band plays at prestige balls, concerts, company presentations, but also at social events of a more intimate character.

High artistic level of music production guarantees the success of the whole event.

Marie Rottrová

Petra Janů

Jitka Zelenková

Monika Absolonová

Kateřina Brožová

Marta Kubišová

Roman Vojtek

Dušan Kollár


Petra Černocká

Bohuš Matuš

and many others…

We offer the orchestra for social events of various kinds, balls, as well as separate concerts, either with our tribal singers, or with the guests mentioned. We are also preparing various new offers and special programs for you.

Dalibor Kapras


Music agency

Daniela Konířová

Management & Booking