The Orchestra of Karel Vlach is undoubtedly one of the most important representatives of swing, jazz, dance and pop music.

The most possible chance to meet with this orchestra will be at the Prague representation balls at the best known ballrooms such as Žofín, Obecní dům, Španělský sál Pražského hradu, but also at different concerts, festivals and other social events all over the Czech Republic where the orchestra performs instrumental mastership of its solists and accompanies the stars of the Czech pop music.
The programme is always arranged according to the client´s requests as well as according to the specific events e.g. balls, dance competitions, company presentations, receptions etc.

The Orchestra of Karel Vlach is the guarantee of the high artistic standarts and adds attractiveness and glamour to any social event.



David Fárek
altsaxophone, sopransaxophone, clarinet

Tomáš Remek
altsaxophone, clarinet

Jiří Šindelář
altsaxophone, clarinet

Robert Mitrega
tenorsaxophone, flute

Petr Valášek
tenorsaxophone, basclarinet

Vlastimil Trllo
barytonsaxophone, clarinet

Jiří Šindelář
barytonsaxophone, clarinet

Vratislav Bartoš
trumpet, flugelhorn

Lubomír Jurníček
trumpet, flugelhorn

Petr Hrstka

Stanislav Zeman
trumpet, flugelhorn

Petr Beránek
trumpet, flugelhorn

Luboš Harazin

Josef Pospíšil

Bohumil Bydžovský

Petr Šrejma

Miroslav Kopta

Petr Čihák

Ondřej Hájek

Jakub Urban

Omar Khaouaj

Ondřej Fišer

Vladimír Kliment

Jan Lstibůrek

Petr Valášek

Vít Koblížek

Rudolf Výborný


For many years leading singers of the Czech scene perform with the Orchestra of Karel Vlach.


Balls, Ceremonies, corporate events and concerts

Concert full of history



The legendary orchestra is still alive and undoubtedly one of the most prominent representatives of swing, jazz, dance and popular music in Europe.
During the concert, the orchestra will be accompanied by singers on the terraces of Střelecký Island in Prague, in the Alhambra on Wenceslas Square, in the Werich Theater in ABC, in the Karlín Music Theater and on many other stages in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Conductor Dalibor Kapras

Compere Martin Hrdinka

Melodies, which don’t age

Song program composed of the biggest hits broadcast by radio and television, the most successful songs of small form theaters (Semafor), the biggest hits from the movies and songs of the best-selling sound carriers performed by tribal singers and other soloists according to the organizer’s choice
Roman Vojtek
Monika Absolonová
Tomáš Savka
Kateřina Brožová
Jitka Zelenková

In swing captivity

A concert composed of the world’s most famous orchestral and sung compositions from Frank Sinatra’s repertoire, Ella Fitzgerald, Tony Bennett, Barbra Streisand, Michael Jackson, Glofie Estefan, Michael Bublé, as well as Karel Hála and Milan Chladil performed by the tribal singers of the orchestra. Soloists such as Jitka Zelenková, Ilona Czáková, Tomáš Savka and Ondřej Ruml can be ordered for the concert.

Glenn Miller – story

Swing thematic concert mostly from the repertoire of the legendary Glenn Miller Orchestra.
Once again, soloists such as Jitka Zelenková, Ilona Czáková, Tomáš Savka and Ondřej Ruml can be ordered for the concert.

Turnkey concerts

We will set up a concert of your choice tailored to the specific event and audience, including the selection of artists

Christmas concert of Orchestra of Karel Vlach

Here you will hear the best known Czech and world Christmas songs, including the famous “swingies” from the legendary Glenn Miller orchestra. We are able to play this concert with tribal singers, but again it is possible to order Kateřina Brožová, Leona Machálková, Jitka Zelenková, Roman Vojtek, Bohuš Matúš, Tomáš Savka. It is possible to order the children’s choir Coro Piccolo (approx. 15-20 children from 8 to 15 years old in folk costumes), which will bring a wonderful Christmas atmosphere to the concert by singing Czech carols.

Septet Plus Orchestra

of Dalibor Kapras

is a medium sized dance orchestra which can play pop music hits, latinoamerican rhythms, jazz, swing as well as the world evergreens. The orchestra convenes the top musicians of the Czech music scene mostly the solists of the well known Orchestra of Karel Vlach and The Radio Praha Big Band.

The orchestra is based on the instrumental mastership of its musicians and not only for that reason many fixed stars of the Czech scene cooporate with them apart from its tribal singers.

Thanks to the comprehensive and diverse repertoire the orchestra is invited to various social events. This band plays at different representation balls, concerts, presentation company events as well as at the social events which are more intimate.

The high artistic standart guarantees the success of the whole event.



22.7.22 Lomnické kulturní léto, Lomnice nad Popelkou

27.8.22 Koncert OKV, Bousov

15.10. Ples Mělník

21.10.22 Koncert s Vl. Hronem, Sopoty

26.11.22 Ples Dobřichovice

8.12.22 Vánoční koncert – Klatovy

14.12.22 Vánoční koncert, Náchod

17.12.22 Vánoční koncert Marie Rottrové, Brno

Past concerts

4.6.22 Koncert Marie Rottrové, Chrastava

3.6.22 Týniště nad Orlicí – Swingový festival – OKV

29.5.22 Koncert Marie Rottrové, Nemšová

28.5.22 Třeboň, Zahájení lázeňské sezóny – OKV

20.5. 22 Konstantinovy Lázně – ples – Septet Plus

15.5.22 Josef Zíma, Divadlo U Hasičů

5.5.22 Koncert Marie Rottrové, Plzeň

26.4.22 Koncert Marie Rottrové, Litoměřice

23.4.22 Ples – Národní dům na Vinohradech

20.4.22 Koncert Marie Rottrové, Dvůr Králové

10.4.22 Swingový koncert, Pardubice – OKV

9.4. Ples Lány – Septet

5.4.22 Koncert Marie Rottrové, Studio DVA

2.4.22 – Koncert Marie Rottrové, Mladá Boleslav

26.3.22 Právnický ples, Obecní dům – OKV

9.3.22 – Koncert Marie Rottrové, Most

25.2.22 Říčany – ples

19.2.22 Ples Brno – Septet

1.2.22 Koncert – Marie Rottrová, Kolín

15.1.22 Koncert Marie Rottrové, Poděbrady – Septet

7.1.22 Žofín – Ples mediků – OKV

23.12.21 Děčín – Vánoční koncert – OKV

20.12.21 Pardubice – Vánoční koncert – OKV

17.12.21 Nemšová Slovensko – Koncert Marie Rottrové

15.12.22 Koncert Marie Rottrové, Benešov – Septet

13.12.21 Koncert Marie Rottrové, Most – Septet

11.12.21 Koncert Marie Rottrové – Septet Plus

6.12.21 Baška – Koncert Marie Rottrové – Septet Plus

28.11.21 Kroměříž – Koncert Marie Rottrové – Septet Plus

27.11.21 Ples Dobřichovice – Septet Plus

Dalibor Kapras


Music agency

Daniela Konířová

Management & Booking