Dalibor Kapras

After studying at the People’s School of Arts in Hořice v Podkrkonoší, where he studied trumpet, accordion, he began his private study of the tube with professor of the Prague Conservatory Josef Svejkovský.

After finishing elementary school he actively worked in many ensembles of various genres, from brass music, through classical music to dance music throughout the Podkrkonoší region. Between 1973 and 1977 he became a member of the Studio 60 Jičín Dance Orchestra, the Agrostrojanka Brass Band and a member of the Big Victory February Brass Orchestra Hradec Králové. At that time he also participated in the filming of various musical genres in the studio of the Czech Radio Hradec Králové, as well as many foreign tours to the then GDR, Poland, Austria and France.

In 1977 – 1979 he completed basic military service in Garrison Music Karlovy Vary, where he again appeared in many local orchestras including the Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra.

After completing his basic military service, he began his studies as a music teacher at the People’s School of Arts in Hořice v Podkrkonoší and at the same time began to study the State Conservatory in Teplice, where he studied trumpet play. After two years he goes to Prague, where he became a member of the Karlín Music Theater as a player of the Karel Vlach Orchestra. In 1985 he graduated from the State Conservatory in Teplice, and at the same time he began conducting and arranging at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory in September and continues to be a member of the Karel Vlach Orchestra. After the death of conductor Karel Vlach, the orchestra’s long-time arranger Jaroslav Dřevikovský takes over.

At the beginning of 1991, Karel Vlach’s Orchestra ended in a permanent engagement at the Karlín Music Theater and became only an external orchestra. At that time Dalibor Kapras founded his own KAPRON agency for muzik servis, s.r.o. and since then, as an ordinary player, he has also been an orchestra manager. Over time, he founded his own smaller orchestra, Septet Plus Orchestra, with which he began to work closely with popular music singers such as Maria Rottr, Petra Janů, Marta Kubišová, Josef Laufer, Jitka Zelenková, Roman Vojtek, Monika Absolonová, Kateřina Brožová and a number of next. In 2000, after an agreement with Marie Rottrová, she produced a very successful Christmas concert entitled “Christmas Time with Marie Rottrová” with whom she performed for ten years not only throughout the Czech Republic but also in Slovakia.

In 1995 he met the conductor František Preisler, with whom he began to cooperate closely and set up an orchestra together under the auspices of NKL, the owner of Mr. Jan Nekola, which is located in Žofín, Prague, called Žofín Palace. With this orchestra he graduated and organized countless very successful concerts called “Concerts of Stars”, featuring stars of classical and pop music such as Karel Gott, Eva Urbanova, Peter Dvorsky, Helena Vondrackova, Lucie Bila, Marina Vyskvorkina, Stefan Margita and legendary ensemble Alexandrovci. With this orchestra, they also performed concerts in Moscow, Warsaw, Kiev, Brussels and many other cities. After the sudden death of the conductor František Preisler, he also takes over the management of the Great Orchestra of the Žofín Palace, where he hires top conductors such as Rostislav Štúr, František Drs, Mirko Krebs, Robert Jindra, Kryštof Marek and others.

In this Grand Orchestra of the Žofín Palace, there is a large number of players from the Karel Vlach Orchestra.

Since 2002, after an agreement with the current conductor and artistic director Jaroslav Dřevikovský, he has been changing at the conductor’s desk. In 2004 he accepted an offer for conducting the musical Night at Karlštejn at the Musical Theater in Karlín. Since then he has gradually taken over both the experience and management of the whole orchestra and is currently his only conductor, but he continues to work closely with Jaroslav Dřevikovský.

He also works closely with the former conductor of the Czechoslovak Television Orchestra, Mirko Krebs.

In 2010, he received an offer from the conductor Kryštof Marek for the cooperation of the musical Hello Dolly of the theater company Studio DVA, originally in Švandovo Theater in Smíchov, later
at the Hybernia Theater and currently at the new Studio DVA Theater on Wenceslas Square. At the same time he continues to collaborate with Kryštof Mark on his musical Christmas Carol.

Currently, his main domain and workload is the management and production of the Karel Vlach Orchestra, including the dramaturgy, the Septet Plus Orchestra, the Žofín Palace, and various concerts, cultural, social and corporate events throughout the country and abroad.

Of course it provides turnkey cultural events according to the client’s requirements, including studio work and recording of various TV shows and CDs.